August 11, 2007 at 4:57 pm (breastfeeding, feminisim, In the News, Uncategorized, women)

CNN has an article on their website titled, “Five Breast-Feeding Mistakes New Moms Make, and How to Fix Them”.
I didn’t get pissed off until:

Mistake 4: Moms get intimidated breast-feeding in public

Solution: Have snappy comebacks at the ready

Clowes says occasionally mothers in her group reported getting nasty comments when they’ve breast-fed in public. She suggests having a few retorts at the ready. On her Web site,, she has these two suggestions: “If you’re uncomfortable seeing my baby eat, you are welcome to cover yourself with this baby blanket. I’ll let you know when we’re done,” and “You think this is something? You oughtta see where he came out!”

What great advice is this? If I’m the type of person who is uncomfortable breast-feeding in public because of the reaction I get from strangers am I really going to be able to say these things to them? Is that really a viable option? It sounds great in theory, and very empowering, but the reality is most snazzy come backs only ever happen when replaying an unfortunate experience over in your mind minutes or hours later.

This, however, is not the part that pisses me off the most. What really irks me is the notion that women should blame themselves, find fault, and be told they are making mistakes in a society that doesn’t allow them to do something as fundamental as breastfeeding.

Who exactly is making the mistakes here?






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